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7 days in Dzūkija.         

Cycling tour in Lithuania


For all cycling adventure lovers we offer 7-day trip to Dzūkija national park in Lithuania.

The trip will be joyful for both young and older biking enthusiasts. The trip is not technically difficult, but You will need some physical fitness. We will pedal about 50km per day.

During the trip, You will get acquainted with the unique nature of Dzūkija, old ethnographic villages, will be canoeing in winding Dzūkija rivers and of course having fun of riding the miscellaneous forest paths.


Trips will be organized all summer till the mid of September. We start on May.Trip dates...




1.  Transit from Vilnius (Kaunas) airport to Druskininkai resort .

2.  Accomodation in cozy hotels and guest houses, in double rooms (6 nights).

3.  All meal - breakfast and solid dinner - in the house of stay and picnic lunch.

4.  Professional english speaking guide during the trip.

5.  Technical transport: transporting of your luggage during the trip.

6.  Technical support for bicycles.

7. Transit from final point - Gailintas to Vilnius (Kaunas) airport.

Not included in the price: flights, health insurance, dinner on the 7th day, entrance fees, tips. 


Single room supplement - 80 EUR.

You can rent bicycles .





Druskininkai - Grūtas park  - Druskininkai

  By our transport from Vilnius Airport we will reach the starting point–the famous SPA Resort Druskininkai, where we will stay in double rooms in a cosy hotel. On the same day we will go on short ride to the beautiful surrounding areas of the town, will visit The Grūtas Park exposition, which discloses the negative content of the Soviet ideology and its impact on the value system. After returning to the hotel we will find a great dinner and later on we will have the opportunity to enjoy SPA procedures.


Shall enjoy our breakfast around 10 AM, grab the bikes and ride to other bank of largest Lithuanian river Nemunas.
Riding the paths of the forest we will pass few lakes and will reach Leipalingis village. We will continue on the amazing paths reaching Šaulys Lake. Let’s stop here to have some rest and lunch. Just after it we will continue riding on the sandy paths until we reach Liškiava Landscape Park, we will pass the shore of Liškiava Lake and will reach the Liškiava town - famous for its monastery and church. From here we will take a drivealong the road next to river Nemunas and will return to our hotel Druskininkai. Once again we will enjoy dinner and SPA procedures.

54 km

Up: 541 m
Down: 545 m
Technical difficulty:2/5
Fizical difficulty:3/5




57 km

Up: 425 m
Down: 397 m
Technical difficulty: 2/5
Fizical difficulty: 3/5

After having the breakfast around 10 AM we will continue our trip through the forest’s paths reaching the village and lake called Latežeris. From there asphalted road will bring us towards Margionys ethnographic village. Without no doubt we will continue further on pleasant sandy paths and will turn towards Čepkeliai Natural Sanctuary. Let’s observe the nature of Čepkeliai Marsh – the largest swamp in Lithuania! Later we will cross beautiful pine wood and reach ethnographic village of Marcinkonys where we will have a dinner and spend the night in cosy rural hotel.



Breakfast: Let it become a habit to meet at 10 AM. Right after that we will continue our trip leading us to the Dzūkija National Park. Riding the paths of forest (did you notice how many of them we have? J) we will reach the Ethnographic Village Lynežeris, which is situated next to Lynas Lake. Further riding by the banks of river Ūla we will enjoy beautiful Lithuania landscape. We will definitely visit Rudnia, Zervynos, Mančiagirė and Žiūrai villages and will spend the night at the rural tourism house in the village of Puvočiai.  The dinner will be waiting for us here as well.

51 km

Up: 365 m
Down: 383 m
Technical difficulty: 2/5
Fizical difficulty: 3/5




22 km

We will meet at the breakfast table around 10 AM. Our transport will bring us to Žiūrai village where we will get into the canoes. We will float down the two rivers of Ūla and Merkys until we reach rural tourism hotel next to the ancient town of Merkinė. If after all we will have enough time we will grab the bikes and ride to the famous pyramid of Merkinė which is situated just few steps away. Are you ready for the dinner?


Merkinė - Netiesos – Lizdai - Gailintas

After the breakfast around 10AM we will grab the bikes and will continue our trip. Riding by the banks and the pathways of Merkys River we will reach Merkinė which is situated on the confluence of two rivers: Merkys and Nemunas. Here we will visit the church and the mound. We will travel by the banks of Nemunas River reaching ethnographic Netiesos village, will cross picturesque reserve of Lizdai and visit The Big stone of Dzūkija.
For the night we will stay in rural tourism hotel which is situated near the lake of Gailintas.

47 km

Up 629 m
Down 558 m
Technical difficulty: 2/5
Fizical difficulty: 4/5



After having the breakfast around 10 AM we will travel to Vilnius (Kaunas) Airport, this time by organized transport.
If you agree, we will visit Trakai - the old capital of Lithuania.